Product Spotlight: Gun Slips


What do you look for in a Gun Slip? Over the years we have tweaked the design of our gun slips to ensure they are built to last (Oh, and also look great). As a family with generations of leather experience behind us, choosing the best quality materials has always been top of the priority list. The leather we use is supple yet hard-wearing, and some say it gets better with age. Protecting your gun is of the upmost importance, so our gun carriers are lined with soft flock lining (sheepskin would unfortunately get stuck in gun parts, which is why we don't use it) and they feature a sturdy base which protects the barrel ends when resting it on the floor.

Although we like to innovate, our designs are based on tradition because we love the way they look and we hope you do too. 

Our gun slips are made in two lengths, ensuring the best fit to your gun- 50" for 30" barrels and 52" for 32" shotgun barrels. (Psst. We can also make extra long gun slips on request).

With our history in leather tanning and craftsmanship, it goes without saying that we would only choose the best quality leathers to use on our products. The cotton canvas that we have chosen to compliment the leather is water resistant and is surprisingly hardwearing out in the field. Mud can be easily brushed off, keeping your gun slip looking smart. The sand coloured canvas is a traditional colour used in country sports and is a stylish addition to any shooting outfit. It really compliments tweed and wax jackets and offers something a little different to the discerning shot.

Our goal is to provide high quality and affordable shooting accessories that last season after season. Robey & Green brings together everything we love about shooting- community, camaraderie and tradition.

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